What is the training commitment?

Our teams train during Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 (running similar to school terms) from the start February to the end of October. We train weekly and have competitions during the second half of the year. Classes and competitions occur during school holidays. See our class information page for class times and locations.

What do students need for class?

A leotard (preferably black) plus close fitting layers for cooler months (leggings, cross over etc) A water bottle An aesthetics skirt, pair of clubs and a rod (Tinies only need a rod).

Do I need to buy costumes?

No, performance costumes are hired from the club. Whilst we try to minimise sewing required, there can be situations where basic hand sewing may be needed for your daughters' costume. As you aren't required to purchase multiple costumes, hiring the costumes makes Calisthenics one of the most cost effective performance sports.

What are the items performed?

Different age sections and divisions perform different routines, below is a list of all routines available to perform; March – marching to create complex patterning developing spatial awareness, core strength, rhythm and deportment. Clubs – circular swings with wooden clubs developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking and rhythm. Freearm – a creative series of strength and flexibility movements developing core strength, flexibility and deportment. Rods – manipulation of a metal rod with movement developing technical skills, hand-eye coordination and multi-tasking. Aesthetics – graceful movements technically placed and interpreted developing musical appreciation, grace, poise and emotional expression. Character Dance – a series of dance steps to tell a story developing rhythm, dance, storytelling and acting. Song with Action – singing with movement and expression developing confidence, vocals, listening, communication and performance skills. Song and Dance – singing with dance and expression developing dance, vocals, stamina and breathing. Dance Arrangement – dance and interpretation developing spatial awareness, dance, elevation, expression and performance skills. Calisthenic Revue – a creative performance to tell a story developing performance skills, acting, creative expression and confidence. So much variety in calisthenics!

How much does it cost?

Yearly fees are worked out as an annual amount, which is then invoiced in three equal portions in March, June & September. Payment plans can be arranged with our treasurer (weekly, monthly etc) and in 2021 a 10% discount applies if full yearly amount is paid by the 31st March. Please find information regarding our 2021 fees below; - Calisthenics Victoria yearly registration and insurance is a separate fee paid to CV - $85. - Heathergene yearly fees (see PDF below) - Competition entry fee $30 per competition (2 - 4 competitions dependant on age group) - There are other small incidental costs upon joining such as Heathergene jacket $65 (club uniform), aesthetic practice skirt $20, skin colour body suit $20 approx & make up kit $20. These are used for many years and only need to be updated once your child grows significantly​​​​​​. Please see the 2021 fees PDF (click here to open the PDF)

What training do coaches have?

Our coaches are fully trained and experienced Level 1 coaches, having completed many years of calisthenics training, skill assessments and our state association VCCA training workshops. Coaches must work under an experienced Level 1 coach and be assessed by an adjudicator prior to taking on a team alone. They all have current Working with Children Checks and a current First Aid certificate. Our cadets and assistants are usually younger members of the Calisthenics club community, who are still participating and are interested in working with younger teams, and perhaps with a view to becoming a coach one day. These young ladies volunteer their time to act as an assistant or cadet at class. ​

How many competitions do the sections do?  (To be reviewed for 2021)

Due to COVID-19 the structure around competitions has changed for 2021. At present we can compete in a maximum of 4 competitions in 2021.​​ We are continuing to work with Calisthenics Victoria regarding competition regulations.

What and when are calisthenics competitions?

For competitions our teams perform in costume, and girls have their hair up in a bun and wear basic stage makeup. The emphasis of competitions is on having fun and getting to show off what has been learnt during the first half of the year. Competitions are held in late July, August, September & October (dates released in May). At competitions we compete against other clubs in our divisions, but the emphasis remains on doing our best, and having fun with the team. End of year Concert - is held on the last weekend of October. This concert is our showcase for family and friends of all the age ranges participating at our club, and is a wonderful opportunity for the whole club to come together as one to perform their successful routines from the year.

When can I see my child perform?

​Our classes are closed to parents so the girls can concentrate on working with their coaches. Our teams hold an open day on the first class of each month and a dress rehearsal in June for parents to see the team progress and how the teams look performing in costume. We also have private facebook groups where coaches post videos of the team for parents to see progression.​

More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please email us at We endeavour to respond to all emails within a few days.

How do I receive communications from you?

We have private facebook groups for individual age sections where coaches and team managers post class videos, reminders & updates for the age section your child is in. We also have a whole club current members group where all members can be notified of whole club events and reminders. We provide monthly newsletters released on the 1st of each month via facebook and via hard copy at the Coldstream Hall on the Heathergene notice board in the foyer. Financial invoices and receipts are sent via email from our treasurer Jodie. At the start of the year each child recieves a handout of information for their age section, each family will also receive the club handbook with information about the club and dates for the year.

What COVID safe practices do you have in place?

We have a covid safe plan in place. Please see below the guidelines we are following; -Maximum 170 people indoors as per denisity limits of our halls -Density limits of one person per 4m2 indoors -Physical distancing of 1.5 meters must be maintained -Our club venues must have covid posters (symptom indicators, density limits, hand sanitising locations) -High touch surfaces are to be cleaned between classes -QR code record of attendance is mandatory for contact tracing -No sharing of equipment (rod, clubs, skirts etc) -Alcohol based sanitiser is available at the entrance & exit and can be used during class -15 minutes between classes to clean and avoid congestion of students -Do not attend class if you/anyone you have been in contact with are unwell