Heathergene Calisthenics 


About us

Heathergene is a not-for-profit club dedicated to the development of calisthenics, a unique Australian artistic sport. Calisthenics involves a combination of dance, singing, ballet, apparatus and gymnastics. It is a team-based sport, with the opportunity for solo performances and skill exams. Calisthenics offers people of all ages a chance to enjoy exercise that builds strength, flexibility, and self-confidence in those who participate.

2021 marks the 22nd year Heathergene has been operating. 


At Heathergene we promote a friendly, positive and encouraging environment for all of our pupils and families. We have a strong emphasis on fun, fitness and friendships. Our dedicated team of experienced coaches host a range of classes in which pupils of all ages can develop their calisthenics skills.


In 2021, our Tinies, Subies, Juniors, Inters and Senior teams will be competitive teams. We also run a recreational Masters team (ages 26+) which focuses on fitness.

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What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is the sport with performing at its heart.

We offer a unique combination of dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skills for girls, boys and women throughout Victoria.

Calisthenics develops strong & confident performers. Discipline and technique, grace and poise are fostered in a fun and friendly club environment, where families can connect and performers can develop skills, and friendships, that last a lifetime.

Our performers learn skills that inspire them to take centre stage at competitions, and in life.

Calisthenics is:
• Uniquely Australian
• Strong and feminine
• Confident and disciplined
• Passionate and proud

See more information on the Calisthenics Victoria website: